Nina Nesbitt talks Ed Sheeran relationship and writing songs about each other

"He warned me it was happening"

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Forget about all the rumours surrounding Ed Sheeran break up track 'Don't' for a minute, because Ellie Goulding (allegedly, supposedly etc.) isn't the only famous gal mentioned on Multiply.

Step forward Nina Nesbitt, who has been having a chat about the song Ed wrote about her on his new album. What do you mean which song is it? The one called 'Nina', unsurprisingly.

Speaking to the Scottish Daily Record, Nina revealed that Ed let her know he'd written the track about their relationship, saying: "He warned me it was happening but I didn't know it was going on the album. I knew there was a song."

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But how does she feel about her ex-relationship being immortalised in music? "I'm not really bothered. It was quite a long time ago and it's a good song," she shrugs.

It IS a good song. In fact it's one of our faves, so thanks for that Nezzers.

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Nina also revealed that she wrote a whole load of songs about Ed for her Peroxide album too (which Ed told us about in our recent interview with him: "An ex-girlfriend has written an album about me. Some of it's nice, some of it's not") - so she's not really in a position to get annoyed.

"I have written quite a few songs about Ed that are on the 'Peroxide' album and people can probably guess which ones," she said.

"I'm not going to go into detail about it but we are both songwriters, so naturally we were going to write songs about each other. It was a long time ago now and we've both moved on."

Well there you go. Now, will someone PLEASE WRITE A SONG ABOUT US PLEASE? We're feeling all kinds of left out.

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