Cara Delevingne shows off her lip syncing skills in 'Caraoke' video for LOVE magazine - WATCH

Apparently being a faboosh model, an aspiring actress, an entertaining Instagram person and some sort of magician that manages to confuses us about whether her romance with Michelle Rodriquez is on or off on a daily basis (GAH) isn't keeping Cara Delevingne busy enough. Strange, 'cause just reading that list is making us want to crawl back into bed.

We're not morning people tbh. Anywho, Caz has decided to show off her brand new talent for Japanese mag LOVE - LIP. SYNCING. Or Caraoke, if you will.

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Okie dokie then.

Cara Delevingne shows off lip syncing skills for love magazine - images -

Taking on the standard karaoke set-up of lying on a bed of flying saucers (question: is that still their official name?) dressed in a pink see-through plastic mac teamed with *that* er, interesting green wig, Cara Delasagne shows off her skills as she mimes along to Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J's It's Hard to Control Myself.

Both parts, obvs.

The video's all a bit odd, with a sh*t load of flying emojis and a hella lot of wriggling/dancing/gyrating around in the sweets. Probably wanna avoid the ones she's wiggled her butt on.

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Anyway, if you wanna make your Wednesday morning a bit more fun, have a little shneaky peek at the vid below:

BRB, off to buy 10 kilos of flying saucers and a green wig.

What do you make of Cara's new talent then? Reckon you could lip-sync better? Thoughts please you lovely lot...

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What do you think?