5SOS's producer John Feldmann says the band are 'real writers': 'There was no Simon Cowell formula'

Unless your name's Kendall Jenner, you'll know that 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction are basically worlds apart. Obviously they're basically BFFs, but 5SOS aren't manufactured, have known each other about a gazillion years and are not - under any circumstances - a 'boyband'. Well they sort of are, but a punkrockboyband.

Anyway, now God-like genius, producer and the man responsible for Kiss Me Kiss Me, Long Way Home and loads of other 5SOS tunes John Feldmann's been gushing over them (oi), claiming they're 'real writers' and essentially proper, authentic musicians.

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5SOS - 5SOS images - sugarscape.com

Chatting to Billboard, Johnny boy said: "They’re real writers and talented musicians. There was no formulaic Simon Cowell-finding-a-bunch-of-handsome-guys. It’s just 6 foot 3 dudes from Australia who loved the same kind of music and put a band together."

Gah, so true honeyboo. Hopefully he's not having a dig with the whole 'bunch of handsome guys' thing 'cause, y'know, 1D are well talented too; but there you go.

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5SOS - 5SOS images - sugarscape.com

What d'ya reckon? Is John right? Of course he bloody is. What a ridiculous question. Comments puhlease, you lovely bunch of coconuts.

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