Liam Payne talks One Direction's future: 'We want to release an album every year'

We're getting a bit sick of reading One Direction split rumours day in day out, if we're completely honest. Pretty sure Harry Styles isn't off to start a solo career, Niall Horan isn't about to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an official Nandos food tester and Louis Tomlinson isn't in training to become the ultimate sassmaster, spreading his sassy knowledge all over the shop (he doesn't really need training, tbh).

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Thank GAHD then, that Captain Sensible Liam Payne has put the whole thing to bed in an interview with Top of the Pops magazine. If he'd like to put us to bed too, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you please.

Liam Payne talks future of 1D - images  -

Talking to the mag, Liam revealed all about the future of 1D:

"We love what we’re doing right now.

“We have no intention of changing that, and want to release an album every year – year after year."

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Let's just check - YEP we're totally fine with that. TOTALLY fine. As long as every new album comes with some sort of nude shots. Any will do. Ta.

Liam Payne talks future of 1D - images -

Er yeah, this is good too. K.

Whilst we all wait for this year's offering, we'll be busy squirting as much of the boys' new scent on us as physically possible. Lovely.

So, excited for 20 more years of 1D albums? Think the lads will keep going forever and ever amen? Thoughts please...

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