One Direction perform King of Leon's 'Sex On Fire' on the Where We Are tour in Dallas - Watch

If we had to describe the One Direction lads in three words, chances are they'd probably involve 'sex', 'fire' and a preposition like 'on'. Or something. And WHAT ARE THE RUDDY CHANCES - they've only gone and covered Kings of Leon classic and dad car stereo fave Sex On Fire on the Where We Are tour, haven't they? Oh someone bubblewrap our ovaries for crying out loud. This could get messy.

Yup - Sandy Beales (not pictured below, we're not really #lazyjournos) was in his bloody element as he led the lads' cover on his shiny guee-tar, and it's potentially the best thing that's happened in our lives since 5SOS joined 'em for Teenage Dirtbag.

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Going *even* more rocky and edgy than the entire Midnight Memories album *and* their Kids in America cover combined, the boys got their vocal chops round the really-not-that-current-but-we're-not-complaining Kings of Leon tune, and it's basically incredible.

Check out the lads' cover below, yo.


What d'ya make of that, then? As good as Liam's iconic 2013 Shaggy cover? Comments, puhlease and a-thanking you.

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