Zayn Malik's record label CEO reckons his new sound 'doesn't feel like choreographed pop'

As he reveals his thoughts on Harry Styles' solo career

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As we all continue to travel into the emotional void that is the life of a One Direction fan, the big cheese over at RCA Records has revealed some more details about Zayn Malik's solo career.

So Z016 officially kicked off yesterday when Zayn Malik graced the cover of Billboard's latest issue, fit with glorious grey hair and a lot to say. As well as discussing why he doesn't talk to his One Direction bandmates and their new album Made In The A.M., el Maliko also chatted about HIS new music.

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He revealed some new song titles - including 'BeFour', 'It's You' and 'Wrong' - before being joined by RCA Records' CEO Peter Edge, who signed Zayn to his RnB label in the summer last year.

Talking about Zayn's new sound and touching on what he thought of Harry Styles' potential solo career (he has registered some song titles of his own, after all), Peter told Billboard: "[Zayn's new sound] doesn't feel like choreographed pop

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"It's widely rumoured that Harry [Styles] is working on a record and that's probably the other one there'll be some anticipation forWhen Zayn was in the band, he had all these songs he was writing, and plans to do his own music. It just feels like maybe he's further along than the others."

So there you go. Would it be rude to ask for some new music now then or what?

What do you make of that? Are you excited for Zayn's solo career and what are your thoughts on Harry Styles' potential new music? Hit us up with your thoughts over on our twitter, lovely lot.


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