Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande to duet on 'Over And Over Again'?


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Um so guys; we don't mean to cause alarm, but it sort of looks like Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande are gonna chuck another collaboration down our oh-so-unsuspecting earholes. Y'know, the same Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande who were a thing and released 'Almost Is Never Enough' and stuff back in 2013? Yup. Them.

So here's the deal - Nathan's been teasing that he's gonna bring out a brand spankin' new version of his last single 'Over And Over Again' with a 'very special feature;' and all signs are pointing to the perma-ponytailed pop princess.

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Basically NARIANA LIVES and we haven't seen a plot twist like this since Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson (potentially) became a thing.

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Very much TAKING TO TWITTER, Nathan teased: "So you know I said January was going to be an interesting month ..." [sic], adding: "I have some news ... There's another version of #OverAndOverAgain with a very special feature" [sic].

Then, just as we thought The Wanted might've been reuniting for one final hurrah, Ari only went and tweeted: "from the heat of night
to the break of day
I'll keep you safe & hold you forever.." #OverAndOverAgain" [sic].

Now correct us if we're wrong and this is some kinda crazy coincidence, right, but we reckon Nathan might just be releasing 'Over And Over Again' with the four octave fave. We just have a hunch. Maybe he's even trolling us and plans on releasing 'Over And Over Again' *actually* over and over again, each time with a different artist. WHO KNOWS at this point?

Let's just listen to the solo version as we question everything we thought we knew, shall we?


What d'ya make of that, then? Reckon we can expect a duet sometime soon? Tweet us over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and a-thank you.


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