Rihanna hints she's finally ready to release her 'ANTI' album

Does this mean it'll be out this week? OOH

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It's been approximately 84 years (read: 3-and-a-bit) since Rihanna released her last album Unapologetic, and it's safe to say our ears are getting pretty bloody impatient. Like, we know we've had 'FourFiveSeconds,' 'Bitch Better Have My Money' and 'American Oxygen;' but we need the ANTI record, like, yesterday.

So thank God and also Jesus badgalriri's finally hinted the album's finished; chucking a pic of her rockin' some super-snazzy haute couture Dolce & Gabanna headphones (who even knew that was a thing?) and sending anticipation levels through the bloody roof.

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Rihanna actually announced the album and showed off what we can only assume is the artwork at an event thingy last October, and now it seems the wait is oveeeeeeeer ('Wait Your Turn' reference, geddit?) and we could expect the album THIS FRIDAY. Maybe. Potentially. That's what loads of music journo-types are saying, anyway.

Then again, we've literally been poised ready for the frickin' release for about a year so who even knows at this point? All we *do* know is that she tweeted saying: "listening to ANTI" with a balloon emoji. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Hurry up, yeah babes?

What d'ya make of that, then? Think we'll be getting the album soon or is RiRi playin' with us again? Tweet us over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and ta very much.


Liam Payne and Rihanna
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