All Saints announce comeback single 'One Strike' and new album 'Red Flag'

Let's look back at their 7 best singles to celebrate

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All Saints

Guys, you might wanna dust off your khaki combats and get learning that 'Never Ever' talky bit; 'cos All Saints have just announced their comeback single 'One Strike' and brand spankin' new album Red Flag. As in properly amazing '90s girl band All Saints. Not the clothing brand.

Yup - in quite possibly the best news of all time Shaznay, Mel, Natalie and Nicole at set to release their first single in almost a decade on February 26th with the album to follow on April 8th. So, to celebrate the fact Little Mix finally have some gal pals to hang out with in the charts in 2016, we thought we'd take a look back at their seven best songs ever.

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Not including 'Never Ever,' 'cos it's sort of a given that that's amazing.

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Y'all ready for a trip down memory lane? Hey, if you're kinda new to the whole All Saints thing you're gonna wanna listen to 'em anyways. Educate yourselves on these absolute bops.

1. Bootie Call

It's the original 'Hotline Bling,' for crying out loud. OF COURSE IT'S THEIR BEST SONG. Also the reason Mel was sat in a car the whole time is 'cos she was pregnant during the filming of this vid. Fun fact.

2. Pure Shores

One of the girls' biggest singles, innit? This one hit number 1 back in 1999 and provided the soundtrack to Leonardo DiCaprio being really fit in The Beach movie.

3. I Know Where It's At

'I Know Where It's At' was the girls' proper punchy debut single and somehow still sounds as fresh today as it did in '97 <3

4. Under the Bridge

A cover of that Red Hot Chili Peppers tune, just even cooler.

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5. All Hooked Up

Okay so this one's well underrated. It was also their last single before things went tits up first time round, but let's not go into that. THEY'RE BACK.

6. Black Coffee

Chill af this one, innit? Cute little William Orbit production.

7. Chick Fit

'Chick Fit' was the last single we got from the girls in 2007 and it's still a fave. It's essentially about being obsessed with a guy which, let's face it, happens to us on a daily basis. We can RELATE.

Also shout out to 'War of Nerves' 'cos that's an awesome ballad.

So there you go. What d'ya make of that? Well excited for All Saints' return? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and ta very much.


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