Rihanna releases new ANTI single 'Work' featuring Drake

On Tidal, anyway

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Rihanna's just 'dropped' her new ANTI single 'Work' featuring Drake. On Tidal. Which means everybody's frantically searching 'listen to rihanna drake work' on the internet only to be met by loads of articles pretending they contain the song in its entirity. In reality, they just link everyone through to thirty seconds of the track on Tidal.

Well if we can't beat 'em we might as well join 'em, eh?

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Yup - badgalriri's new tune's been all over the radio in full already, but unless you're subscribed to Jay-Z's music subscription service chances are you can't actually find it anywhere online. Yeah, it's annoying; but what can you do really?

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After hinting that her new album's *finally* bloody finished the other day Rihanna's chucked out the track with very little in the way of notice, and while we're not sure how it compares to her old Drake collab 'What's My Name?' yet it's still a bit of a bop.

Basically the lyrics are along the lines of 'worrrkworkworkkkkkkworkworkkk' and you can hear it over here on Tidal. HOORAY. Ahem.

Basically us rn:


So there you go.

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