Zayn Malik announces new album title 'Mind of Mine' in Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe

Here's 22 things we learnt

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Right so basically Zayn Malik's first proper-actual-spoken-word interview with Zane Lowe's just aired on Beats 1 and we got shitloads of BRAND NEW INFORMATION. Information like the title of his debut album, the fact there's a song on there called 'It's You' about a break up (read: potentially about Perrie Edwards) *and* the fact he and Gigi Hadid are 'good friends.' Yup.

So essentially we sat here typing the whole thing up as fast as we possibly could while audibly gasping every five seconds much to the delight of everybody else in the office. Hoorah.

Zayn Malik
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You ready for 22 things we learnt from the interview? HERE WE GO:

  • The album's called Mind of Mine.
  • He recorded 46 songs for the album and it's FINISHED. Just needs a few final touches to 'make it sound great.'
  • There are '17 or 18' songs on the album.
  • The first song he recorded was 'BeFour' in Vegas.
  • Malay's done loads of stuff for the album and Zayn reckons he's an 'amazing person.' He 'doesn't look at music the way a normal producer does,' apparently.
  • He also collaborated with Kehlani on the record.
  • On what he wanted to prove with the album, el Maliko explained: "That I can sing, that I can hold my own, write music and explain where I'm coming from."
  • He thinks that, subconsciously, refusing to dance at The X Factor boot camp might've been a sign of his 'rebellion.'
  • The 1D boys 'kind of knew' that 'in terms of the music' One Direction wasn't for him, and 'facilitated' things towards him aka R&B ad libs.
  • He added: "When I was leaving the band they obviously didn't want me to leave but they couldn't talk me out of it"
  • On his decision to leave the band, he explained: "I didn't think about any reception, I just did it. I don't care about what anybody else's perception is."
  • "My dad wasn't too impressed...My mum said 'come home, I'll cook you some food, I'll look after you"
  • He got back into the studio a 'couple of months' after quitting the band.
  • On the whole Naughty Boy leak debacle, he said: "How can you know what certain people are gonna do? You just don't know, do you?"
  • 'Pillow Talk' has a video, none of the other songs do as yet.
  • The whole solo thing's all about his 'creative direction,' which he finds 'liberating.' He says: "It feels great to take the responsibility myself."
  • 'It's You' is about 'the break up of a relationship,' according to Zane. Zayn said: "I just felt like I needed to put myself out there a bit on that, because it's a form of therapy for me and it did get me through some shit."
  • 'She' is a 'party tune.' Zayn said: "It's not as intense lyrically, it's more about having a good time."
  • "I don't really go out much...but I'm very phase based with what I do." So there you go.
  • On his relationship with Gigi, he said "we're good friends, yeah." Fab.
  • Eventually he wants to tour: "If there's a demand for it I'll tour, yeah." He's just gonna see how the music does, tbh.
  • Can he sing any 1D songs again? "It's not even about that," he said. "The two things are very separate. I did that for fave years, I enjoyed it, we had some of the best times ever...This is what I have to say. You can listen to that and still understand that I appreciated that. They're just two separate things. I'm just looking forward to people being able to...see the two things as different things."
  • We can't get rid of the bullet point below, which is really annoying. So yeah
Zayn Malik
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