12 fans who lost their minds over Zayn Malik's 'Pillowtalk'

Which is really every single person on the planet, but whatevs

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With this morning essentially being taken over by the fact that Zayn Malik released the audio AND video for his new single 'Pillowtalk' overnight, it's not exactly surprising that the online world was immediately swarmed with people losing their shit.

Here are twelve fans who completely lost the plot over the new release:

1. The person who's probably sitting in detention right now:

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2. The person who quite rudely tugged on all our feels:

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3. The person who described the process of listening to the song perfectly:

4. The person who wasn't emotionally prepared for the high-notes:

5. The person who made an edit of Zayn as Madison Montgomery:

6. The person who was loving the flower metaphor:

7. The person who removed the audio and replaced it with the credits from Doctor Who:

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8. The person (PEPE) who was finally rewarded for his patience:

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9. The person who made a very good point about the videos aesthetic:

10. The person who's feeling very conflicted about life:

11. And every single person who has been reduced to a quivering mess:

12. Because it's a very common theme:

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