Gigi Hadid's been singing Zayn Malik's 'PILLOWTALK' on Snapchat

Bed all daaaay bed all daaaay

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Gigi Hadid's been singing Zayn Malik's 'PILLOWTALK' on Snapchat

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik could not be more loved up right now if you shoved them in a rose petal covered cake, sprinkled kisses all over them and then got Cupid to eat the whole thing.

They shared the cutest snap of their Valentine's Day celebrations just the other day, and now Geej has been winning all the girlfriend points by singing Zayn's song 'PILLOWTALK' on her Snapchat.

Sadly without the shower cap/puppy tongue/taxi driver filters, but still.

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Gigi surprised fans with an impromptu performance of 'PILLOWTALK' yesterday, not exactly recreating the video with flower vaginas and naked ladies, but still doing a pretty good job of lip syncing like a pro.

Keeping it all tres seductive, the Snap only featured her lips while she sang along, and to be honest we've been a bit distracted by her killer red lip colour. Mary Jo K, is dat you?

Anyway, judging by Zayn's reaction to her appearance in the original music vid, and the fact that he was buzzing over her naked magazine cover too, we're guessing he's probably a big fan of this little performance.

Someone get the gal on Celebrity Lip Sync. Maybe she could do 'Kiss You' or 'She's Not Afraid', just for old times sake.

Loving your Snapchat skillz, Gigi.

Are you shipping Zigi so much that it makes your head hurt? Reckon they're your fave couple ever? Come on over and have a chat with us on Twitter @Sugarscape.


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