Kesha fans retweet disturbing old Dr Luke tweet in a bid to make it go viral following lawsuit verdict

He made some inappropriate comments back in 2010

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Following Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich's ruling that Kesha must remain under contract with Sony Music and her alleged sexual abuser Dr. Luke despite her pleas to break free, fans are retweeting a damning comment from the producer made back in 2010 in a bid to make it go viral.

Celebrities and actual normal human being alike have come out in support asking both Sony and Dr. Luke to #FreeKesha following the decision last week; and now fans want everybody to see a disturbing tweet referring to her 'usual spanking' the producer posted over six years ago.

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Tweeting back in February 2010, Dr. Luke said: "I'm worried about what THEY gonna do!!!!... from me you just your usual spanking for being bad!!!! :-P" [sic]; and in light of the court's decision not to let Kesha free from her contract fans are recirculating it all over  the internet.

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This all comes as Demi Lovato admits she doesn't necessarily think Taylor Swift's $250,000 donation to Kesha is the best way to approach the situation. Speaking up on Instagram, she said: "Not everyone has 250k to just give to people. Would love to but I didn't grow up with money and def haven't made as much as her. 

"At least I speak up about shit that's uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7."

Oh gahd.

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