music from UK Eurovision 2016 hopefuls Joe and Jake


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Joe and Jake

Who have we here, then?

21-year-old Joe Woolford and 20-year-old Jake Shakeshaft. Alright, Joe and Jake?

Also, how good a surname is Shakeshaft? SHAKESHAFT.

Go on then, what's their story?

Right so basically you might remember these boys off of The Voice. Rita Ora properly championed Joe, while Jake was under the guidance of a certain Mr. Now, though, the lads are hoping to represent the actual entire United Kingdom at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. OOH.
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Eurovision's notoriously been a bit shit since, like, the days of ABBA and that; but Joe and Jake are hoping they'll break the country's curse and win everyone over with their new tune 'You're Not Alone'

Chatting about the track, attractive male human Joe said: " It's an uplifting pop song with a really beautiful and universal message. Even though Jake and I are in our early 20s, the sentiment of the song is open enough for people of all ages to adopt it as they see fit."

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Wait, they sound just like...

D'ya know what? We're gonna say Union J. That kinda proper, inoffensive pop that you'll be hummin' all day without even realising it. Big boy band vibes, essentially.

How's their hair? PRIORITIES.

Literally glorious. On the stiff or on the flop it's always on point. OI OIII.

Destined for the top or a massive flop?

You'll have to make up your own mind when the fellas perform on BBC Four's Eurovision: You Decide on Friday 26th February at 7.30pm; but we're pretty bloody confident you'll love 'em. Check out their track 'You're Not Alone' below.


What d'ya think Joe and Jake's chances are, then? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and ta very much. Buh-bye.


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