James Bay reveals how he ended up hooking up with Justin Bieber on 'Love Yourself' at the BRIT Awards

Just-in. Bay-ber.

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Justin Bieber and James Bay

The BRIT Awards always brings weird and wonderful collaborations (remember, like, Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue that time?); and last night's ceremony saw Justin Bieber hook up with actual James Bay for his awesome 'Love Yourself'/'Sorry' mash-up.

Yup - as in actual, credible musician James Bay teaming up with now-borderline-credible Justin Bieber. Who'd have thought it, eh?

But how did the whole thing come about; whose people called whose people and got them to suggest it to the other party's people? Well James revealed all backstage in the winners' room. Hoorah.

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Asked by press-types how it came to FRUITION, James said: "That's a very good question. I met him at four in the morning at an Italian MTV EMA party.
"He was very good on the pool table, that's the first thing I noticed.
He was a lovely guy but I've seen him and his manager at other different points along the way and became more and more friendly. 

"They were in a spot for this show where they needed a guitar player and it was kind of a 'hey do you fancy doing it?"

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So there you have it. Easy peasy, mate. Check out their performance all over again, if ya fancy:

Too good.

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