Gig review: Tori Kelly at London's Brixton O2 Academy

That voice, though

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We've bloody loved Tori Kelly for donkey's years, y'know? Seriously, we're always yappin' on about how we've been there since the YouTube days like those really annoyingly possessive 'WE'RE TRUE FANS HOP OFF THE BANDWAGON' types. So obviously we were well chuffed she hit London's O2 Brixton Academy to play her biggest UK gig yet.

Yup - we toddled along dahhhn sahhhf Landan to catch our fave performing everything from her fetus covers to loads of stuff off of the Unbreakable Smile album; and we're gonna talk about it a bit like us journo sorts tend to. Hooray and hoorah.

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Let's see what went down then, shall we?

The setlist

Christ, where do we even start with this one? With the entire Unbreakable Smile album full of absolute bangers, we're always kinda worried she won't have space for the original YouTube covers a la 'Thinking Bout You' and 'Suit & Tie;' but they were still in there. YAAAAS. Also literally all our faves off of the album popped up at some point; including 'I Was Made for Loving You' (sans Ed Sheeran, but still awesome) and 'Falling Slow' for, like, the first time ever. Too good.

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What were the best bits, then?

Er, the whole damn thing? Well obvs, but we'd say highlights included:

  • 'Should've Been Us' which was just FIRE, mate.
  • 'First Heartbreak' 'cos <3
  • 'City Dove' was potentially the best one and we actually even prefer it live. Massive. Kinda like a Disney track.
  • Her hair. All the goals.
  • That voice, though. Seriously, *how* does she sound better IRL than on record? The girl's superhuman.

Any bits that weren't so good?

Literally just the part where we had to leave. Oh, and we always kinda want 'California Lovers' but it gets cut :(

Rating of out five:

Four stars ****


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