Kanye West cut Justin Bieber feature from The Life of Pablo album

Clue: He won't stop until he finds his runaway love

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Kanye West and Justin Bieber

They worked together on 'Runaway Love' way back in the Never Say Never days, but apparently now Kanye West just doesn't think Justin Bieber's right for his shiny new album The Life of Pablo. Yup - apparently Yeezy CUT Biebs from his latest record after deciding his freestyle vocals just weren't for him.

Musician fella Fonzworth Bentley, who's a close pal of Kanye's, was involved in the making of the album and reckons JB was originally meant to feature on 'Ultralight Beam' alongside Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price until he got cut. Awkies.

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Chatting to FADER mag, Fonzworth revealed: "Justin hops on the phone and is like: 'Tell Yeezy whatever he needs I got it.' Justin got on the mic and sang some a cappella. It was free flow. It was creativity."

He then added that Kanye decided the vocals should be removed after claiming they weren't up to scratch; so if y'all could just allow us to sit here and listen to 'Runaway Love' and mourn the loss of another Yeezy/Biebs collab that'd be much appreciated. Cheers.

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Literally such a tune.

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