Tina Fey confirms a Mean Girls musical is actually happening AGH

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BIG NEWS,Mean Girls fans (so everyone, then), because the dream is becoming a reality, after Tina Fey confirmed that a Mean Girls inspired musical is in the works. 

Yup, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Cady, Damien, Janis et al. better get warming up their vocal chords, because the stage adaptation is coming and nothing has ever been more fetch. Or grool. Take ya pick.  

Tina - who of course played Ms. Norbury in the movie and also wrote the script -  revealed the VERY. EXCITING. NEWS.  in a recent interview. 

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She told The Huffington Post: "My husband [composer] Jeff Richmond and I, [along with lyricist] Nell Benjamin, have been working on it."

Yes, yippee, and yaaaaaaaaaasssssss.

It might be best not to get tooooo excited just yet though, because Tina also added that the musical is still 'years away' from being finished. 

We'll just be over here then, practising our Jingle Bell Rock routine. You? 

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