Nathan Sykes talks his new single 'Give It Up' and Little Mix's Get Weird tour

Someone's a busy boy

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It's safe to say Nathan Sykes is PRETTY BLOODY BUSY right now. As if hopping up and down the country with Little Mix on the Get Weird tour ain't enough to be getting on with, he's only gone and announced details of his brand spankin' new single 'Give It Up.' OH IT'S ALL GOIN' ON.

So obviously, 'cos we just like sticking our nose in wherever possible, we toddled along to the first night of the tour in Cardiff to get the goss from Nath on everything from his new tune (which we got to hear for the first time at the show) to what we can expect from the album. Hoorah.

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Eh up, Nathan. We're in Cardiff for the first night of Little Mix's Get Weird tour. How excited are you to get out there on the road with 'em?

Really excited. they're obviously a lot of fun as we all know; but aside from that just so talented. I'm very excited about being part of a tour that you just know people are gonna walk away so glad they were at. They're incredible singers, incredible performers and they put on an amazing show.

Do you reckon you're gonna dick around a bit backstage? Got any pranks planned for the girls?

I mean I don't wanna get thrown off the tour, so I think I'm gonna wait for them to make the first move then I'll have to retaliate. I'm not gonna be the one that makes the first potentially dangerous move. I'll play it quite safe, I think.

Right, so your new single's called 'Give It Up.' Can you give us five facts about it literally nobody knows yet? Some BRAND NEW INFORMATION?

I started doing a bit more writing at the start of the year, 'cos I think the last couple of years I've grown up and wanted to explore the more mature side of me. It's a new song not only for everyone who's gonna hear it, but myself included.

There's a familiarity; a part of the song people may recognise. An interpolation.

Sonically I didn't think that I'd tap into this sort of sound on this album, but I'm really glad I have.

I'm casting for the video this week, which is obviously really tough; just meeting loads of models. It's a really difficult life. You just don't know where to look. It's gonna be along the lines of the meaning behind the song?

And what *is* the meaning behind the song, eh Nath?

It's just about getting someone into bed, pretty much. Lyrically it's probably a bit unexpected for people who've just heard 'Over and Over Again;' we've gone for first gear into fifth. I'm not sure it'll be a first wedding dance, but it could be used on the honeymoon.

Er doesn't Nathan Sykes' new tune Give It Up sound bloody brilliant on Little Mix's Get Weird Tour? 💘

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Well then. What's the one thing in life you don't reckon you could ever actually give up?

Coffee. Or music's really addictive. Once you start getting into an album and start listening for things you've missed before. That's probably the main one.

Now obviously Ariana Grande hopped on the remix of 'Over and Over Again.' Can we expect any more collabs on the album or what?

There is another collab on the album, I'm not gonna say who. It's a male and it's really exciting for me. I never thought, when I first started writing this album, that I'd work with this person or would make a song that lent itself to working with them. It's a really exciting one and I'm a big fan of the artist. They're one of the best at the moment.

Oh Nathan, you TEASE. Jesus.

What d'ya make of that, then? Excited for 'Give It Up'? Tweet us over @sugarscape and all that malarky. You know the drill.


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