Ariana Grande supports Kesha and addresses the music industry's 'double standards'

Grand-slay tbh

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Ariana Grande just kicks ass when it comes to issues surrounding sexism, doesn't she? The four octave fave's never afraid to make her voice heard in support of equality;' and now she's been showing Kesha some love and addressing the 'incredible double standards' she's seen in the music industry.

Following the verdict of  Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke and the whole #FreeKesha campaign, Ari reckons she'll always be there for her pal 'regardless of what's going on' and admitted she feels the situation would be somewhat different had a guy been in Kesha's position. Hmm.

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Chatting to Carson Daly, Ariana said: "I love Kesha. I worked with her when I was a lot younger. We've been friends. I support her regardless of what is going on.

"I didn't know about a lot about this...We didn't discuss any of this. The incredible double standards that we [women] face on a daily basis, in the industry and just in the world, it's shocking. I would be so amused - and pardon me if this comes across as sexist - but I don't think a male artist would be in this position right now. Sorry.

"If I'm speaking out about something that I'm passionate about, I'm willing to take the brunt for fighting for what I believe in. And my fellow women are definitely something that I will always be one of the first to speak up about."

♡ happy international women's day (every day is women's day)

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What d'ya make of that , eh? Do you agree with Ariana's comments? Tweet us over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and ta very much. BYEEE.


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