Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez teases the band's 7/27 album


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You know how we caught up with the bae that is Ally Brooke Hernandez off of Fifth Harmony for a chinwag about the band's new bop 'Work From Home'? Well we didn't stop there. Nu-uh, honey. We wanted all the goss on their 7/27 album ahead of its release on May 20th, too.

Now we don't actually know too much about the record rn; but we thought we'd PROBE our Ally and ask her to give us three facts about it literally nobody knows yet. Turns out they've been working with Jack Antonoff, have 'probably' got another collab on there *and* even resurrected an old Reflection track.

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OOH and AHH.

Ally Brooke
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Chatting to us on the way to a shoot over in LA, Ally said: "We recorded one song and we actually then re-recorded it about three weeks ago with Jack Antonoff, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. They were all in the room doctoring it with us, so that was really cool to re-cut it and hear the new version. They're such an outstanding team. They're so talented, it's crazy. Honestly, that was one of the best recording days and we've had a lot of recording days.

Asked if there are gonna be any more collabs on the album aside from Ty Dolla $ign's feature, Ally teased: "I mean, probably. You'll have to see."

Ally added: "There's actually a song on the album that was intended for the Reflection album that didn't make it and we were really sad. We love this song so much, then we talked to our label and we were like 'hey we want the song back, let's have it back.' Then, after talking to them, they were like 'okay' so it's now now on the album which is amazing. You're all gonna hear it, so that's really cool. It's actually a ballad."

So this ain't a 'Tellin' Me' situation then (remember the fetus 5H track that didn't make the Better Together EP)? "Oh my God. I remember that song. That's a cute song; it brings back memories," Ally said in an adorable manner.


Oh JESUS, we literally couldn't be more excited for this. What d'ya reckon, eh? Tweet us over @sugarscape and all that malarky, if you fancy. Cheers.

Fifth Harmony's new single 'Work From Home' is available to stream and download now. Also 7/27's out on May 20th. Hoorah.


Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke
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