Bring Me The Horizon come under fire as 'Follow You' music video features a dog getting shot in the face

Um, lovely ?

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The Bring Me The Horizon boys love courting a bit of controversy, don't they? As if frontman fella Oli Sykes crashing Coldplay's table at the NME Awards and the whole Justin Bieber tour support act prank wasn't enough, they've come under fire for showing a dog being shot in the face in their 'Follow You' music video.

Like, the Justin thing could be considered vaguely funny. A dog being shot in the head? Not so much.

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Now don't get us wrong, 'Follow Me' is an absoliute tune (as is the whole That's the Spirit album, tbf); but the vid ain't the easiest viewing. With not so much as a NSFW warning the band premiered the Oli Sykes and Frank Borin co-directed video essentially sees loads of people (and the dog) being killed. 

After Oli got all political and claimed: "See what the world will be like if trump wins," the band addressed all the controversy by tweeting: "For all those people worried about the dog in the Follow You video, don't worry...
He was getting old anyway. (He's fine)" [sic].

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Check out the video below, if that's something you're into. Be warned, though, it's gory af.

So yeah.

What d'ya make of that, then? Bit unnecessary? Tweet us your thoughts over @sugarscape or something, eh? Cheers.


Bring Me The Horizon
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