Introducing: Little Mix's Get Weird Tour support act JAGMAC

Bloody love this lot

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If you've been to see the Little Mix ladies on their Get Weird Tour, chances are you'll have caught the JAGMAC lot before 'em. If you *haven't* seen them yet, make sure you're there super early eh?

Anyway, since their new single 'So Good' is out now, we thought we'd get to know CJ, Manjo, Angelique, Jared, Alyssa and Gabriel a bit better. Wanna join?

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Go on then, you lot. Tell us something fun. INTRODUCE YOURSELVES.

Jared: Hey I'm Jared, I love to draw and I love to do flips.

Angelique: I'm Angelique, I love to spray paint, paint and eat as well and make people laugh.

Gabriel: What's up, I'm Gabriel. Obviously, I love to sing and dance, but besides that I'm a huge sports fanatic, any sport, you name it. I love to watch and play it, especially American football., Soccer and we're also black belts in Tae Kwon Do and world champions in a Filipino martial arts called Eskrima which is stick fighting. 

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Manjo: What's up, guys this is Manjo. I would say I'm the funny one. I like to make people laugh. I also love to cook, I love cooking for my family. I love to produce music too and DJ. 

Alyssa: I'm Alyssa, I'm the second oldest in the group. I like to sing obviously and play piano and I really like the warm weather, being in the warm weather and seeing palm trees. 

CJ: I'm CJ, I'm the oldest of the group JAGMAC, I'm a huge fan of singing and dancing, but a fact about me is that I'm a total neat freak.

What's your new single 'So Good' all about, then?

Alyssa: Our single So Good is a song my brother and I heard quite a while ago actually and when we got the song we were just so excited. We wrote to it really quickly, within a couple of hours. It's just one of those songs that makes you feel really, really good. It makes you want to dance. 

It's a different sound, it's very swinging, 1940s, it's not a song that I've currently heard, it's got a R&B/ Hip-Hop twist to it, it's a fun, fun song. It's also available on iTunes right now and on Youtube, so make sure you guys go and check it out.

How's the Little Mix tour been so far then, eh?

Gabriel: Amazing. We've done 3 shows and we got to see them perform and it was amazing, especially when they sang their new song 'Secret Love Song', Oh my gosh, we were in tears. It's a really, really good song. 

Angelique: They were all fan-girling. Gabriel was crying, Manjo was crying, it so funny to see. The other acts did amazing too, like Nathan Sykes, he's amazing, we love his new single as well. They all did an amazing job.

Hope everyone is having a good day! ❤️ -JAGMAC #jagmac #la

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Have you met the girls yet? Any backstage goss we need to know about?

Alyssa: We have, but not all at once. They were all very sweet, very sweet girls. I think we're going to get to meet all of them very, very soon and maybe get a photo. 

Gabriel: We've become really close to the chefs, they're like our new best friends. Here in the UK, they don't really give ice, but that's totally OK, back home in the states I'm huge on ice with my drinks.  So when I'm backstage I have to ask for some ice, but now the food lady always puts ice in our room because she knows us so well.

How would y'all describe your sound in six words?

CJ: High-energy

Alyssa: Positive

Manjo: Fun

Gabriel: Awesome

Angelique: Funky

Jared: Cool.

'So Good' is out now to buy, stream and shiz. Go do that, yeah?


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