Watch Zayn Malik perform 'Like I Would' at the iheartradio Music Awards 2016

RIP Ztans

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Well the iHeartRadio Music Awards was the best thing that's ever happened the world, then. Taylor Swift was there, Selena Gomez was there, Justin Bieber was there – oh, and this guy called Zayn Malik also made an appearance, not sure if you've heard of him.

It was a pretty good weekend for Zayn really, as on the same day that his album debuted at the top spot in the Billboard charts, he also slayed everyone at The Forum with the debut performance of his track, 'Like I Would'.

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And do we even need to tell you that it was absolutely flawless? Nah, probably not.

Looking like an absolute dream in a CAGE OF LIGHT, Zayn gave what might be his best solo performance so far, hitting his usual high notes that only small mammals can hear and chucking out vocal runs that we didn't even know existed.

Anyone that's still alive after witnessing the performance might have also noticed that he was wearing a very nice blazer, and is still sticking with the very strokeable shaved head look. Lovely jubbly.

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SHALL WE SHUT UP NOW? We've got the video if you wannna have a watch before it inevitably gets deleted off the face of the internet a bit later today.

RIP the entire world and probably some creatures in a far off distant galaxy who also can't cope with that high note. 

What did you think of Zayn's first performance of 'Like I Would'? Let us know with a tweet to @Sugarscape.


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