So Justin Bieber's electric guitar skills are impressive af

He's got well good finger skills oi oi oi

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Ahh, that Justin Bieber is a man of many talents, isn't he? As well as making us feel ~things~ whilst we're fully clothed and very much on a different continent and pulling off more hairstyles than we can shake a cat at, it turns out he's bloody talented on the electric guitar, too.

Anybody who knows anything about el Biebo (read: or has watched Never Say Never, duh) knows he's pretty talented when it comes to musical instruments and could play approximately a gazillion by the time he was a teenager.

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And he can add the electric guitar to that list now, too, after sharing a video from a jamming session on Instagram and simultaneously recieving calls from every. single. rock. band. ever. (probably).

In the video, The Bieb shows off his dreadlocks (which have gained a whole load of attention of their own), whilst strumming away on his guitar strings with his band. Daaaaymn he multi talented.

Good with his fingers, eh? Ahem.

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It's official, we fancy him even more now.

How about you? Thoughts on Bieb's electric guitar skills? Discuss with us @Sugarscape, yo.


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