GIG REVIEW: Years and Years hit Wembley SSE Arena, London

Were we loving or loathing?

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For anyone who likes a beat catchier than an STI in Magaluf and has a thing for pop in the purest sense of the word, Years and Years are a pretty big deal - but for Olly Alexander, Emre Türkmen and Mikey Goldsworthy, the only way is up.

Which might be why they made such a show of their headline gig at London's Wembley SSE Arena over the weekend, pointing out that it was the biggest gig they'd ever done and is a million miles away from the 150-maximum venues they were playing at 2 years ago.

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We're talking light shows, costume changes, dancing dudes and even those confetti cannon thingymajiggys - but was it total shit or a big hit in our books? (Hint: we were loving it.)

The stage

OK so it's fair to say Wembley Arena are gonna have a pretty spenny electricity bill if Years and Years have anything to do with it, after going full on LASERS GALORE and bringing all the strobe like vibes. These lads certainly don't do things by halves, with Olly rising up through the ground in a light box, Mikey and Emre enjoying lots of bright beam lights and a catwalk into the crowd for Olly to strut his stuff on.

The setlist 

NGL,we were having a bit too much of a good time to actually write down/remember the order of tunes like a #seriousjourno would, but we can hand on heart say it was awesome. Certain highlights include the mash up of Drake's 'Hotline Bling' with Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' (it was even better than it sounds), 'Eyes Shut', 'Desire' and the encore, 'King'. SO MANY HITS, SO LITTLE TIME.

Olly Alexander off of Years and Years you BABE. 👦🏼💖

A video posted by Sugarscape (@sugarscaper) on

What were the best bits, then?

Right so we've already fangirled over how great their mash up was, but other highlights include:

  • Olly's three (yup, THREE) outfit changes. From the iridescent red tracksuit to the pink dress, we've legitimately considered tweeting him at least 8 times asking where he got them.
  • Their cover of Brandy and Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine' during the encore. A sure fire crowd pleaser.
  • The man behind us going on about how "the lead singer is so adorable, the crowd hang onto his every word." True, babes.
  • The confetti cannon during 'King'. IT. WAS. AWESOME. (But also scared us half to death).
  • The surprise dancers towards the end of the show, picking Olly up and parading them on his shoulders like a prince. #Goals.
  • MØ's surprise appearance during the encore was seeeeriously fab, and we're hoping for some kind of upcoming collab plz and thank you. CC: Years and Years's manager.

Any bits that weren't so good?

The bit where we took the tube the wrong way for half an hour en route home from Wembley. Oh wait, you mean about the show? Literally none. It was SO good.

Years and Years covering Brandy and Monica has totally changed the game ⭐️💖

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Rating out of five:

4.5 1
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Team Sugarscape have seen Years and Years a collective 8 or 9 times, and this was undoubtedly the best they've ever been. They were musically on form, Olly was confident yet endearingly shy and the whole evening was a big old hit in our books - a bit like Years and Years' track list. The vibe in the venue was incredible, the dancers were amazing, and we're still thinking about how bloody great that iridescent red tracksuit was.

Buy Years and Years' album 'Communion' here and check out their remaining gig dates here.


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