Gig review: Troye Sivan hits London's O2 Forum Kentish Town on the Blue Neighbourhood Tour


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Troye Sivan

When Troye Sivan uploaded his cover of Declan Galbraith's 'Tell Me Why' back in 2007 with dreams of becoming a proper popstar-type person, we bet he never expected to be playing in London on a 54-date world tour eight years later. But, through sheer talent and drive, he's managed to totally transcend the whole 'YouTuber' tag and be embraced by the 'cool' crowd. Not that that was ever his intention, obviously. Absolute weirdos like us still love the lad, too.

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Now last time we saw Troye live was late last year at London's O2 Academy Islington *just* before the proper, full Blue Neighbourhood album was released. Not gonna lie; it's a pretty intimate venue and, while we had a bloody lovely time, he was a popstar learning the ropes. It was his first tour. That's allowed, right?

So how did Troye's sell-out gig back in London (this time at the O2 Forum Kentish Town) compare? LET'S DISCUSS.

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The setlist

We've been borderline obsessed with the Blue Neighbourhood ever since it first penetrated our ear canals last December, and there were loads of tracks we were desperate to hear live that hadn't actually been released yet last tour. Oh, and he didn't disappoint. Like, we even got deluxe edition tracks ('Too Good,' anyone?)

Because Troye's album's so chill and heavily dependent on the quirky little production ticks, we wondered how some of 'em would come across live. We needn't have worried. The lad's vocals were so on point he could've sung 'Agadoo' a capella for an hour and a half and we'd have been flawed, and each track came to LIFE with the audience singing along.

We got all our Blue Neighbourhood faves ('TALK ME DOWN,' "FOOLS' and 'LOST BOY') as well as 'Happy Little Pill' (obviously) and a frickin' amazing cover of Amy Winehouse's 'Love is a Losing Game' seeing as we were just down the road from Camden. So good.

What were the best bits, then?

Oh shit, we sort of just covered our favourite songs. D'ya know what struck us, though? Just how much Troye's stepped up his game in terms of stage presence. Don't get us wrong, there was nowt wrong with him last time round; but this time he's just so much more confident. He's enjoying it more. He's comfortable af and can goof around without feeling like a dick.

For a fella that's pretty much lived his life on the internet for the best part of a decade that's no bad thing. It's endearing; we love seeing the progression. Also, his little speech on sexuality was super inspiring and the fact Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler were METRES AWAY FROM US was a bonus.

In further news his parents travelled all the way over from Perth and it was adorable.

Troye Sivan's killin' it in London tonight. Check our Snapchat story for more (Username: Sugarscape) 🙌🏼

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Any bits that weren't all that?

In a word, no. We kinda wanted the 'Love Yourself' cover but whatever. We got Winehouse instead.

Final verdict:

If we ever doubted Troye could pull of gigs in big venues, we're sahhhhrrry. He can, and he's absolutely killing it on this tour. The audience interaction was great, the songs were even better and we can't wait to see what he pulls out of the bag with his next album.

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Troye Sivan
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