Album review: Drake - Views

Here's our verdict, if it's worth anything

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What's the story?

Drake's been bloody everywhere this past year, hasn't he? Don't get us wrong, he's always brought the smashes ('Take Care' and 'Find Your Love,' anyone?); but bootie call-based bop 'Hotline Bling' took the Canadian critter stratospheric. Seriously, if our dad mistakenly uses the term 'Hotline Bling' whenever his phone rings in a bid to impress us we don't know what we'll do.

ANYWAY, beside the point. Basically - following the success of his first UK number one single 'One Dance' - Drizzy's just released his brand new album Views; his first since 2013's Nothing Was the Same. We should probably talk about it, shouldn't we?

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How does the album pan out?

It's actually pretty far removed from his older stuff, y'know? While Take Care and Thank Me Later (and, to an extent, the So Far Gone mixtape) had some sure-fire commercial smashes on 'em, Views seems like a more cohesive body of work without being quite as radio-friendly.


Basically Views is just chill af - experimenting more with orchestral instrumentals (kinda building on that sound he nailed with 'Fireworks' back in the day) and properly separating Drake from the likes of The Weeknd, Miguel and...ZAYN.

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Views sort of feels like that moment where Drizzy properly found his niche and owned it. 

Tracks most likely to top the charts:

Well 'One Dance' has already done it, but we get the feeling this isn't the *point* of this album. Anyway, our faves after a few listens are Future collab 'Grammys,' 'U With Me?' (which reminds us more of vintage Drake) and the retro-sounding 'Childs Play.'

We'd listen to it...

On a well lazy Sunday afternoon. Then we'll chuck a bangin' remix of 'Find Your Love' or something in there if we feel like bouncing round our room a bit.

#VIEWS Now Available On iTunes

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Rating out of five:

4 1


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