Demi Lovato reveals she's bored of singing 'Give Your Heart a Break' and 'Confident'

Nothing short of SHOCKING

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Demi Lovato

Right so basically Demi Lovato's done this cover interview with Latina magazine in which she's said some really-quite-interesting things about her music. Specifically, which of her own music she still likes singing live and which she doesn't.

Now we happen to love the majority of Demi's tunes, but she's admitted they're are a couple she's properly bored of performing and it's a SHOCKING REVELATION tbqh.

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Chatting to Latina magazine, Demetria revealed: "It's songs like 'Stone Cold' that I don't get tired of singing on tour. I get tired of singing 'Give Your Heart a Break' and even 'Confident' already."

Well 'Give Your Heart a Break' is an absolute tune and 'Confident' is above average, so this is all a bit ridiculous really.

ANYWAY, Demi also admitted she isn't chasing big radio hits adding: "I don't care about radio hits. When you try hard for that, it doesn't happen.

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"I have yet to reach my peak, and also, my voice is better now than it was a year ago. Now I can show people what I can do."

Oh God let's just listen to 'Give Your Heart a Break' and remember how amazing it is.

Thoughts on all this, eh? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape after you've watched the fancy vid below. CHEERS and TA LOVE.


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