Album review: Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman

How does the perma-ponytailed one's latest shape up?

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Ariana Grande

What's the story?

Ariana Grande properly crossed over into global superstar territory with her last album My Everything; shaking off the remnants of her Sam & Cat days and proving she's got what it takes to transcend the whole kids' telly thing. Now following up big bops like 'Break Free' and the LUSCIOUS 'Love Me Harder' was never gonna be easy; but here she is ready to chuck Dangerous Woman in the direction of our earholes.

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Yup - the four octave fave releases her third album on May 20th, and we're gonna talk about it a bit. She's already teased us with loads of tunes over the past week, but what's the rest of the record got to say for itself?

How does the album pan out?

Honestly? Like an absolute dream. That's pretty obvious from the opening chimes of the gorgeous 'Moonlight;' a track that sort of feels like the older sister of 'Honeymoon Avenue' off of Ari's debut Yours Truly. It's a pretty chilled intro to the record, but it's by no means representative of the whole thing. Nope, it's eclectic af.

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Dangerous Woman somehow takes everything that made Ariana's older stuff so special and polishes it all up a bit. While we're still obsessed with Yours Truly, comparing it to Dangerous Woman makes you realise just how much she's grown as an artist over the past few years. This one's just a more confident and cohesive affair, y'know?

We're not sure how she even does it, but Ariana manages to take you from uptempo to utterly heartbreaking and R&B to reggae-tinged tunes without making it sound dodgy and disjointed. Dangerous Woman is her strongest body of work by miles, even though it might lack those standout singles My Everything had.

Tracks most likely to top the charts:

Okay so we're not sure what the singles strategy is with this one seeing as they've all been released in some way or another already; but we have a few faves from first listen. Max Martin and Savan Kotecha collab 'Into You' is obviously MASSIVE seeing as those boys are the dream team, 'Touch It' is a dark, pulsating pop number we need a video for and the key change in the final chorus of 'Greedy' is everything. EVERY. THING.

Basically 'Touch It' is the best one, but we're also loving the perky, experimental production of 'Thinking Bout You' and the sheer sass of Nicki Minaj collab 'Side to Side' rn (who else could include a 'dick bicycle' and get away with it, eh?)

On the topic of the collabs none of 'em are as good as 'Love Me Harder' with The Weeknd, but they're still pretty brilliant.

We'd listen to it...

Getting ready to go out with the girls? 'Step On Up' is your jam. Kinda emotional and borderline-heartbroken? 'Leave Me Lonely' is the one for you, boo. Picnic in the park? Blast a bit of 'Be Alright.'

Essentially there's a song to suit any mood. Hoorah.

After listening to it we felt like:

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Chanel No. 2. AKA sassy af.

Rating out of five:

4.5 1
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