The 1975 accuse the actual British government of stealing their 'visual identity'

It was actually UK Parliament, but yeah

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The 1975's frontman fella Matty Healy's pretty pissed off over a new EU referendum campaign; which he reckons has stolen the band's visual identity and ripped off their latest album campaign visuals.

So you know how the aesthetic for the whole I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It album's pink neon signs places in various situations? Well a new EU referendum campaign looks strikingly similar; with Matty claiming he wants to 'sue the government' over it.

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It isn't actually affiliated to any particular political party and was commissioned by UK Parliament's Electoral Commission, but yeah.

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Matty even took to Twitter to vent: "'LOOK OUT KIDZ THE GOVERNMENT ARE STEALING OUR THOUGHTS!!'"


Y'all can check out the campaign below, if you fancy:

Now some fans noticed the similarities straight away, with one saying: "wow EU Referendum maybe @ @the1975 next time you rip off their entire album campaign."

But others weren't convinced, with one Twitter user pointing out: "someone should probably let the lads from the 1975 know they didn't invent neon lights."


What d'ya make of that, then? Reckon it's a bit of a 1975 rip off or just a big ol' coincidence? Tweet us over @sugarscape and like us on Facebook after this vid, please and ta very much.


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