Fifth Harmony praise their dedicated fans

'They always surprise us'

Fifth Harmony's Dinah-Jane Hansen has been chatting to radio station Q97.9 - WJBQ, and she reckons that the Fifth Harmony fans are something special. 

When asked about the dedication of the fans, Dinah revealed that "We're always surprised with them, the Harmonizers already know. They know more than we do sometimes...I'm like, 'wait, I didn't see that on my schedule?'"

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The shows host, Ryan, also chatted to Dinah about the girls' music video for 'Work From Home,' and whether or not the construction site was real. Dinah was quick to confirm that: 

"It really was. The houses are all under construction. We were pretty afraid, too. We were going to use the tops of the roof of the house... then they went to go check it out and it wasn't even done yet. So it was like, 'not going to risk my life because in real life I've got to go work.'"

Oh gahd, we trip over cracks in the bloody pavement. No one let us near a construction site. 

You can listen to the whole interview right here:

The girls have also just released their new video for 'All In My Head (Flex)'. They are busy busy ladiezzzz, they've always gotta werk (soz). 

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