Rihanna releases Star Trek Beyond soundtrack 'Sledgehammer'

How very Fifth Harmony of you, babes

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If a song's called 'Sledgehammer,' you can guarantee it's gonna be big, epic, dramatic and other such adjectives. It'd just be a bit of an anticlimax otherwise, wouldn't it? So it sort of goes without saying that Rihanna's new Star Trek Beyond soundtracks all those things.

Yup - after taking approximately 985 years to release the ANTI album, RiRi's chucked another new tune our direction in the form of 'Sledgehammer;' and it's almost but not quite as good as the Fifth Harmony song of the same name.

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In further news it's another Sia song aka it's obviously brilliant.

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

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Star Trek Beyond's out in the US on July 22nd (and we assume a similar kinda time over here), but before that we've got brand new badgalriri to tide us over. We're not gonna lie, it's not exactly a 'This is What You Came For'-esque banger, but it's still pretty great. ANYWAY make up your own minds, yeah?


Thoughts on that, then? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape and don't forget to like us on Facebook after this vid. TA LOVE.


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