New study confirms that One Direction have the best fans

Well DUH

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One Direction

One Direction fans being brilliant isn't really news. It's something we've been well aware of for almost six years. But now it's, like, properly official that Directioners are among the best fandoms in all the land after a new study showed they'll spend shitloads on the boys.

We can totally vouch for that, too. We waved bye bye to our vaguely-healthy bank balance back in 2010 *shrugs*.

The guys in Mexico! 📷: One Direction/ Cal Aurand

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So basically new research reckons Directioners are the only fandom willing to spend more than $1700 a year on merchandise, tickets and all that malarky; beating Beyoncé, Rihanna and Taylor Swift's fanbases. Well seeing as we've all got the dolls, the posters, every piece of merch from every tour and at one point even considered saving up for that Toyota Vios car they promote it's hardly surprising.

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We can't even drive. Whatever.

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