Some fans reckon Calvin Harris is throwing shade at Taylor Swift in his new music video

There are some very curious similarities...

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Was Calvin Harris suspicious of Taylor Swift in the weeks before their split?

Just when you thought Taylor Swift had managed to melt away into the background of all the celeb dramas swirling around her, along comes Calvin Harris with a new music video to get everyone wondering if there's still a bit of shade being chucked about between the ex-lovers.

The latest development comes in the form of his new track Olé, which he's done with John Newman.

Jetting off to film the music video in Cabo the very same weekend Taylor Swift was off snogging new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston in Rome, there was a slight hint at the time that Calvin had a little something of his own up his sleeve.

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Masterpiece songs ... 06.28. #calvinharris

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Aside from the lyrics, which are written by Calvin and feature some serious nods to a man getting over a girlfriend who is off travelling here, there and everywhere with a new boyfriend, there seem to be a few parallels to Swifty's adventures in the Olé video.

They could easily be coincidental, but at the same time, they could also be also intentional.

Either way, it's kind totally fascinating. Like, in Calvin's video there's a bit with a girl on a rock.

Kinda reminds us of that time some other people Calvin used to know hung out on a rock.

Then there was that iconic time those same people hung out on some chairs.


A photo posted by Britany LaManna (@britmaack) on

Well, Calvin's gang also have access to chairs…

Whadda ya reckon – is Calvin having a subtle shade or what?  Let us know with a tweet to @Sugarscape already. No snake emojis though 'cos that's rude.

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