This 5SOS fan reacting to Luke Hemmings is literally all of us

Sarah is us, we are Sarah

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As you may or may not be aware, Luke Hemmings and the rest of the 5 Seconds of Summer lads hit the Vans Warped Tour the other day as, like, regular punters. Luke even hopped on stage and performed 'Lightning in a Bottle' with The Summer Set, which was bloody brilliant.

ANYHOO unfortunately we couldn't actually make it down to hang out with 'em because a) we're over in the UK and b) out invite must've got lost in the post; unlike *this* fan's.

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Yup - meet 19-year-old Sarah Brunelle from California, who found herself standing literally directly behind Luke as 5SOS's pals State Champs performed. nbd.

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Her reaction? Well she did what any fan worth their weight in pepperoni pizza would do and lost absolutely all chill. Sarah is us, we are Sarah.

Literally, the pictures are perfect. The 5SOSFam summed up in two selfies.

Chatting to Buzzfeed, Sarah said: "Before I saw him my day was so chill and I was having a lot of fun but when I saw him I was like OMG."

Oh and GUESS WHAT? Then she met bloody Tyler Posey who looked slightly above average. Some people get all the luck, don't they?

Jeal baaaabes.

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