Jade Thirlwall teases Little Mix's new album and we need it now

Also talks finding love with Jed Elliott 😘

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Jade Thirlwall has added to our anticipation about when we're gonna get Little Mix's new album by opening up about their intense writing camps and spilling just how soon we can all expect to hear some new tunes.

Oh, and she's also had a bit of a chat about falling for boyfriend Jed Elliott, if you fancy living vicariously through their cute as hell relationship. That's what we do, anyway.

Starting with the most important stuff - the music, Jade revealed all about the process of recording the album, telling MailOnline: "It's moving a lot faster than any of the other albums have done, because we want to release it before Christmas, which means we have to have the first single ready pretty soon."

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Adding that the creative process is more intense than you'd initially guess, she said: "We've been setting up writing camps with people we know, so even we if can't make it to a writing session the music is still sure to be relatable to us."

Oh, and if you're wondering whether the girls have figured out which track is going to be the first single, Jade spilled: "Yeah, i think we have [picked it]. It was weird as listening to the songs we have that is THE front-runner for a single, and it usually takes us ages to find as song for us to decide on, but this time we all said yes to it."

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Speaking of making decisions (yes, we're making a very tenuous connection here), Jade shared that she was the one who did all the chasing in her relationship with Jed Elliott: "I did sort of have to chase him for a few months to get the end results, but I'm not a quitter so I kept going, and well a year later here we are.'

Letting us all in on what happened on their first date, Jade said: "I went to see him for the first time at a show, and I was just like mesmerized like a little schoolgirl! I'm so not like a rock chick, and I was doing my best to make myself look all cool and rocky for this first date... and in the end I thought, "What am I doing?!" So ,I'm just being myself now."

Right, there's a lot of information to process here, but basically, we need Little Mix's new album as a matter of urgency and we also need to find our very own personal Jed.

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