Introducing: ABTLSTNT and their debut EP Wrt. Rcrd. Rpt

You might recognise one of 'em

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Who have we here, then?

Jackson Owens, Jack Taylor, Mikey Bromley and Eben Franckewitz aka ABTLSTNT which we uess is a well edgy way of stylising 'About Last Night' and a big middle finger to all vowels. Hey, ABTLSTNT.

What's the story?

Basically we're not really sure and the boys were properly cryptic when their official account popped up on socials; but what we *do* know is that you'll recognise one particular member. Remember Only The Young off of The X Factor? Two guys, two girls? We loved 'em till it all went tits up?

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Well Mikey Bromley was very much in OTY before starting anew with the ABTLSTNT fellas; and it's a pretty different sound this time round. They're based in LA, their awesome debut EP WRT. RCRD. RPT (Write. Record. Repeat innit) literally just came out and we're borderline obsessed already. Cool.

Wait, they sound just like...

It might sound weird, but sort of like a Maroon 5/The 1975/Frank Ocean/DNCE hybrid. With some acoustic guitar chucked in for good measure. Whatever you wanna call it, it works.

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WRT. RCRD. RPT. Out now! Link in bio

A video posted by ABT LST NT (@abtlstnt) on

How's their hair? PRIORITIES.

Bloody brilliant. That perfect balance of quiffy-meets-on-the-flop between the four of 'em.

Destined for the top or a massive flop?

Not gonna lie, we can totally see 'Right Here' bothering the charts. That's probably our fave right now, but we love every track on the EP. So yeah.

WRT. REC. RPT. 8/19 @abtlstnt .. Like we never met, like love we never made. #somebody

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Right, can we hear them now please Sugarscape?


What d'ya make of ABTLSTNT, then? Loving 'em? Tweet us over @sugarscape and don't forget to like us on Facebook while you're at it. Ta mate.


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