Busted announce new album Night Driver

Their first in twelve years. No biggie.

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GUYS GUYS GUYS, good news. Following their Pigs Can Fly reunion tour earlier this year, Busted have finally announced details of their brand spankin' new album Night Driver and it all sounds very exciting indeed. Like, they've apparently gone '80s. "What I Go to School For' this ain't, mate.

According to the Night Driver press release thingy, 'the Busted that convene today, a decade more mature, are musically and personally far removed from the spike-haired punk pop trio of old.' Now as much as we obviously loved seeing Charlie Simpson bounce about in a school blazer, we're totally ready for this new era.

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Chatting about the new album, Matt said: "As soon as we started making music it became very apparent that we all wanted to make exactly the same thing.

"We'd been listening to dance and pop producers like Skrillex [Justin Bieber] and Max Martin [The Weeknd] who both started off in rock bands."

James added: "The last thing we wanted to do was try to recreate what we used to have. It belongs to that time. All real artists evolve, all real artists try things, it's unnatural not to," with Charlie explaining: "On this record we're older, we've had completely different experiences than what we'd have been talking about ten years ago.

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"It's an authentic reflection of who we are today."

Anyway here's a fancy trailer thing:

Aaaaand here's the tracklist:

1. Coming Home

2. Night Driver

3. On What You're On

4. New York

5. Thinking Of You

6. Without It

7. One Of A Kind

8. I Will Break Your Heart

9. Kids With Computers

10. Easy

11. Out Of Our Minds

12. Those Days Are Gone

Fancy a bit of 'Coming Home' live from the Pigs Can Fly Tour, too? HERE YOU GO:


Thoughts on all this, then? Buzzing for the album's release on November 11th? Tweet us over @sugarscape and don't forget to like us on Facebook while you're at it. TA.


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