Ed Sheeran to write this year's X Factor winner's single?

Oh thank God

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Last year's X Factor winner's single - Louisa Johnson's 'Forever Young' - was absolute bollocks. You know it, we know it, Louisa herself knows it. So how on God's green Earth are Simon Cowell and co. gonna make sure this year's champ doesn't follow suit and limp into the lower end of the top 10 like one of those cheapo Christmas crackers with an underwhelming bang?

By enlisting Ed Sheeran to write a BOP, of course. He's good, isn't he?

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Yup - according to reports our Edward's already sent a single to Simon for the winner to wrap their vocal chops around; and we can't wait to hear what Honey G can do with an acoustic guitar.

Thank you Armarni for making me look smart. En route now #edcarpet

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Chatting to The Sun, a source said: "Everything Ed does turns to gold. To have him write the winner's song is huge and amazing news for this year's winner.

"All the remaining contestants have heard the track and it works for the majority. They can't believe potentially their first ever single will be written by Ed.

"The only chance his song won't get used is if [5 After Midnight] or Honey G pull off a shock win. Then bosses might need to consider another one of their options."

Bodes well, then.

*Mwah* 😘 We made it- Monday is done! Well done everybody. #XFactor

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