Little Mix talk tits, dicks and Glory Days

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Little Mix

Little Mix can't bloody sneeze without us wanting to know every minute detail, so it goes without saying that we've been dying to chat to the girls about all things Glory Days.

Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne released their new album the other day and it's looking ⁓pretty likely they'll get number one if Metallica shove off. We're not gonna lie, we caught up with 'em after their Glory Days road trip pit stop in London with very little in the way of questions (lazy journos) and just sort of went with it.

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What ensued involved talk of tits, dicks and potential next singles. High brow as ever, Sugarscape. Nice one.

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Girls, Glory Days is out and it's bloody brilliant. What are your faves?

Leigh-Anne: 'Your Love,' 'Nobody Like You,' 'Touch' acoustic and 'No More Sad Songs.'

Perrie: And 'Power,' but mine change every day.

Jade: 'Nothing Else Matters' for me, and 'No More Sad Songs.'

Jesy: Mine's 'Your Love,' 'Nobody Like You,' 'F.U.' and 'No More Sad Songs.'

Perrie: I love 'Freak' and 'Private Show' as well.

We're loving 'Beep Beep,' 'No More Sad Songs' and 'Power' right now. Since the album's called Glory Days, what's been your favourite ever moment in Little Mix so far?

Jesy: Probably the BRITs; that was a defining moment for us. Also 'Black Magic' and 'Shout Out to My Ex' going to number one for three weeks. Everything, we've been really lucky.

Perrie: Winning two MTV EMAs, that was insane. And the Teen Choice surfboards.

Jade: I've only got a little flat, I've got nowhere to put them.

Perrie: At first I remember thinking 'I really want an award for my shelf,' but now we've got that many I'm like 'where do I put them all?'

What a dilemma. The perils of being massively successful popstars. Right, so wtf's this 'motorbike' lyric in 'Power' all about? We love it.

Jade: It's just revving it up, isn't it? The song's all about being empowered.

Leigh-Anne: What would you go for as the next single, if you were to choose?

Oh God, what a question. 'Touch' will do the best but it's not our favourite.

Perrie: Everybody says 'Touch.'

Leigh-Anne: What would you go for after that?

Everyone on Twitter's loving 'No More Sad Songs.'

Jade: I love that one. I think that could be a single.

Or 'Power,' but that might not do as well on radio.

Jesy: Yeah, people might be like 'that's just noise,' you know what I mean? We originally all thought the third single should be 'F.U.'

Leigh-Anne: I don't know about 'F.U.' any more.

Jade: Yeah, I'm not sure.

Perrie: We're spoilt for choice.

Jade: 'No More Sad Songs' is the right balance. It's a ballad, it's cool, it's dancey; it's a bit of everything.

Do you reckon you'd release 'Nobody Like You'?

Perrie: We'd love to. I think 'Secret Love Song' went down so well. People love a ballad, don't they?

Jesy: I think it's the best ballad we've done.

Agreed. Obviously there's the track 'Oops' on the album, but what's been your most embarrassing moment in Little Mix to date?

Leigh-Anne: When we were doing our routine for the second video, I got it wrong because we were so tired. I got the move wrong and Jesy's so full-on with her routine that she head-butted me in the lip.

I literally burst into tears because I was so shattered.

Jade: What about when your tits always come out?

Leigh-Anne: My boobs come out all the time. On the first video shoot for Shout Out...

Jade: She was jumping about like 'Shout Out to my Ex' and her tits just came out.

Leigh-Anne: I think it happened three times, actually. I was doing my ad lib tight camera and BAM.

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Talking of 'Power,' who makes you feel like the most powerful person in the world?

Jesy: Each other.

Perrie: Yeah, definitely.

'You Gotta Not' is all about stuff you lot can't stand, so what's your pet hate rn?

Perrie: Let me tell you what I hate more than anything in the world. When you get a spray tan and they peel them fucking things off your feet.

*All collectively scream*

Jesy: I literally can't deal with it.

Perrie: When they get peeled off your feet it goes through my body so much that I could vomit. I could actually vomit. Also when your food's too hot and you can't shovel it down.

Jesy: Yeah, I hate really hot chips

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Same. In 'Beep Beep' you claim you're too busy dreaming of jumping on someone's what?

All: Dick.

Perrie: We love dick, don't we?

Jade: There's a headline: 'Little Mix love dick.'

I mean who doesn't? How would you describe the album in three words, then?

Jesy: Truthful, honest, sassy.

Leigh-Anne: Mature...

Perrie: That's a shit one, Leigh-Anne.

Now you girls are finally giving US Mixers some attention next year. What's your plan over there?

Perrie: We need to be in America for as long as possible, I think. The Ariana tour's two and a half months, so we'll be there doing promo and shows. It's gonna be intense, but hopefully it'll help.

Amazing. YAY THANKS GIRLS WE LOVE YOU. Let's end things on a high with 'Touch,' shall we?

Little Mix's new album Glory Days is out now and it's a bit fantastic.

Little Mix


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