So is new Rixton song 'She'll Be The Death Of Me' about Jesy Nelson then?


Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the last few weeks, you've no doubt heard the rumours that Little Mix's Jesy Nelson and Rixton's Jake Roche have called off their engagement and split up.

While there's no real official word on whether this is true or not due to both Jesy and Jake's silence on the matter, something a little curious has just happened.

Jake's band have just dropped a new song called 'She'll Be The Death Of Me' and the lyrics have got fans wondering if they might just be about Jesy.

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To be honest we have no bloody clue either way, but it's definitely worth a listen so check it out below.

Ooh and also err. What do you think - could it be about Jesy or are you clinging onto the Jake and Jesy dream?

Tweet us to let us know already.

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