Mahalia releases 'Begin Again' video: Premiere

Oh hey, new fave

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If you haven't heard of Mahalia yet, where on God's green Earth have you been? After self-releasing her Never Change EP last year, she's back with Diary of Me and a brand spankin' new video for 'Begin Again.'

Oh, and guess who's got their mitts on the premiere? Yup, us. HIYA, over here. Oh yeaaah.

'Begin Again' is the last in Mahalia's bloody brilliant #DiaryofMe series; and this one's all about how social media has the tendancy to make relationships a bit...messy.

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Now don't get us wrong, we love Instagramming our avocado on sour dough and Snapchatting every aspect of our really-rather-mediocre lives, but Mahalia speaks SO MUCH FRICKIN' SENSE. She's just after a real guy, y'know? Not in it for the likes, this one.

Check out the 'Begin Again' video below. Oh, it's fantastic.

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Lovely jubbly.

Thoughts on Mahalia, then? if you loving the sound of her why not go check out Diary of Me RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Hooray and hoorah.


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