Meet Justin Bieber's opening act, Mindless Behaviour!

After witnessing the complete and utter insanity in the form of the teenage girls that chase Justin Bieber, we thought such a phenomenon could never be matched.

That was until we saw footage of his world tour opening act, Mindless Behaviour.

Girls in America are going crazy for the cool the four thirteen year old boys called Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton – why aren’t they our names?

They’re all singing, all dancing and we reckon they’ve nailed the moves and the swagger enough to give el Biebo a run for his money.

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Check out this video of Mindless Behaviour and the craziness that follows them.

How cool are they? We feel a bit intimidated by them and they’re only thirteen!

If you reckon you might like them then take a listen to their current single, My Girl, which is out on iTunes now.

We are struggling to believe they are only thirteen; they’re like boy-men, we don’t understand! What do you think of Mindless Behaviour, reckon they’ll be the perfect touring companions for Justin?

Comments please!

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