Cee Lo Green tells us It's OK.

Now although he’s not technically our type, we have to admit we are developing a bit of a crush on Cee Lo Green.

Yes we know he’s a little older, has a tattoo on his face and is technically Granddad (his daughter just had a baby), but we just can’t help but go a little weak at the knees when we hear him on the radio and watch his videos.

His latest vid, It’s OK, has only ignited our Cee Lo passions, it’s just so darn good (so much so it makes us speak like southern belles).

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So take a look and see if you can jump on our Cee Lo loving bandwagon.

He is very cool isn’t he? Are you understanding our infatuation or are you screaming at us to go back to looking at pics of Ed Westwick and Harry Styles, because we will if you tell us to.

Even if your love for Mr Green doesn’t go to the extremes that ours does, you have to admit everything that this guy realises (music wise, obviously) is pretty amazing.

What do you think of Cee Lo? Share the love here…

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