McFLY cover Tinie Tempah's Pass Out

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Is there no end to McFLY's talents? Their Above The Noise tour is getting off to a great start with Dougie Poynter back in business, but they're making it even better as we type.

They've introduced a Tinie Tempah cover into their set, where Danny Jones fully gets his swag on, and they've also launched an iPhone app allowing you to watch their massive Wembley show for free!

McFlapp? McFlyphone?

More details on how you can get stuck into that bad-boy over the page, but for now, let's watch them rock out a bit of Tinie Tempah shall we?

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They didn't even let the fact that Danny was missing from the stage at the beginning of the song stop them! Troopers.


We might even prefer this cover to the Taio Cruz cover they do... what do you think?

If you fancy seeing McFLY perform live (kind of) for FREE (kind of), we've got the deets over the page.

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Right, so the lovely McFLY lads have laucnhed an iPhone app that lets you stream their Wembley gig for FREEEEE! Well, after you've paid the £2.99 for the McFlapp in the first place.

The show's on April 1st and the app is available all over the world, so you can watch the gig from anywhere! Sweet.

"Oh, and the Wembley gig is going to be a 14 camera shoot I think.. so it'll look awesome...of course!" Tweeted the lovely Tom.

Pretty awesome!

You can see what the app looks like HERE and download it from HERE.

Are ya gonna?

Tom (of 'the lovely Tom' fame) has also just been reeeeally sweet, tweeting his girlfriend that their tour "won't be half as good without you.x"


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