JLS and Talay Riley record a message from the studio!

Oh we do like seeing fit men having a banter all in one room, it is pretty much what we base our lives around.

So we’re proper excited like (that was us sounding cool) to seeing this video of JLS with new urban pop act Talay Riley.

Talay’s a pretty cool kind of guy and aside from being a talented musician he also wrote Chipmunk’s Oopsy Daisy, nice!

Anyway Talay is currently in the studio in Demark with JLS and sent over this swell little video message. It’s very funny, quite sexy and clearly Talay should be the fifth member, once he gets rid of that bracelet mind.

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Oh what fun those fit men have when they’re all together. All we can do now is suggest that they throw Sugarscape into the mix to jazz it up a bit.

Love this vid? Looking forward to hear what they guys created in the studio? Then have a chat about it here!

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