Ooohhh it's Example's tour diary!

We like to pretend we’d make it as rock stars but realistically we wouldn’t.

Not because we aren’t “oh hells yah rock n roll”, because we are (honest); but due to the fact we just couldn’t survive on a tour bus.

They’re gross looking things aren’t they? We’re just not into chemical toilets, hard beds and fiddling around with coat hangers to get TV signal. Soz.

For Example however we’d make an exception, as his tour bus and the fun and frolics he has on it, looks frickin’ immense and very hilarious – you know we love a man that can make us laugh.

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Check out Example on tour, chatting about smoothies, bananas and how he is going to become Robbie Williams during his meltdown phase.HAAAAA.

FUNNY GUY Example, fuh-nny guy.

We’re trying to do his smoothie voice but can’t by the way.

Love a bit of Example? Get to see him on tour? Comments please!

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