Jessie J performs Price Tag and Nobody's Perfect on Ellen

We're as familiar with Jessie J as we are with dodgy curries, cups of tea, digestive biscuits , standing in queues, and all other things that are British, lovely. But how will she do in America, where they have sidewalks and trashcans and CELL PHONES?! Are they ready for her?

Well, she took to Ellen Degeneres' stage to perform Pricetag and Nobody's Perfect, and they seemed to go down pretty well.

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She really goes for it with Nobody's Perfect, showing off the vocals that bagged her the Critics Choice Award at the BRITs earlier this year.

We'll definitely be channeliing this diva-style with a hairbrush when everyone's left the office and we're sitting here on our own with our headphones on, with the volume turned up to max to drown out the hoovers and security guards telling us to leave the building.

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What do you think of her live performances? A good introduction to her stateside audience?

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